Rights Sets

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Rights sets allow you to link rights to royalties, payments, and submissions. They enable you to group rights into sets and refer to the rights sets from different places in Brainbase.


You will be able to use rights sets when creating a contract in the 'Contract Terms' section. A rights set combines one or more properties, categories, territories, distribution channels (and other dimensions, if any), and is found within the contract settings.  


Note: You must have the correct user permissions to modify rights sets within a contract.



Viewing Rights Granted for a Contract:

You can see the rights granted on the contract details page of any contract.



Creating or Editing a Rights Set

You will need to create a rights set for all new contracts.  You can also edit the rights granted by an existing contract - to learn more about adding a contract, click here.


We'll pick up with editing the terms of a contact shown in the image below:


First, give your rights set a name. This can be used through other areas within Brainbase. Search for the appropriate rights you'd like to add to this contract.



You can also create an 'Effective Term,' which would be a validity period for this rights set. This will allow you to make the rights set validity period different than the contract's start and end date if needed.




A right set in a contract can be marked exclusive, which will help to avoid exclusivity conflicts. 




You are able to create multiple right sets in each contract for different places where this will be sold.


For royalty rates, you will be to apply different rates to each rights set. When establishing royalty rates, you will be able to click either 'Applies to All' or 'Applies to Selected.' 


When choosing 'Applies to Selected,' you can add the rights sets desired in the line below. 




When you start typing the name of the rights sets, a drop-down menu will show a list of the rights sets to choose from. 




You will be able to choose the Royalty Type in the drop-down menu, as shown below.

You can then add in the Standard rate for the Royalty type you choose. Then click 'Save'.




You can also choose different advance payments or minimum guarantees for every rights set.



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