Whitelisting: Choose Which External Parties Can View Your Company Data

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Protecting users' company data is one of Brainbase's top priorities. Until now, all the properties, contracts, submissions, and sales reports that a licensor shared with an agency or licensee were visible to every user under those agency/licensee accounts, including contractors.


We've now given our licensors the ability to 'whitelist' email domains in Assist for the agency or licensee companies they collaborate with. By 'whitelisting' (adding the domain - example.com) to the invited company, it provides the ability to exclude any users without the 'example.com' domain to see anything within the shared account.


To start, navigate to the 'Company Details' page for the company in question, and then click the 'Edit' button in the top-right corner to land on the 'Edit Company' page.



Once you're on the 'Edit Company' page, you can now whitelist multiple email domains. This means that only users with the specified email domains can collaborate with that licensor and see already-existing shared data. 


This effectively blacklists any email domain that isn’t included on this list. If no email domains are on the whitelist, it means that no email domains are whitelisted or blacklisted.



In the example above, we used the licensor 'Starship Brands,' who has a contract with the licensee 'Fashions USA, LLC.'


Everyone with a Fashions USA, LLC. company email has a domain name of 'fashionsusa.com.' Licensors can go to the licensee's company edit form in Assist and whitelist 'fashionsusa.com.' 


Now, when somebody under the licensee account logs in with an email with a different domain name (gmail.com, for example), they won't see anything related to Starship Brands through their mutual contracts.


Where can I find these domains? 

You can easily check which domains are whitelisted for a company from their 'Company Details Page.' If they've added any domains to their whitelist, they'll be displayed like below:



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