Overview of All Submission Settings

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Submission Settings Overview

Submissions are the most customizable and collaborative feature within Brainbase. This is where licensees submit designs for products, packaging, etc. You can personalize your submission settings to reflect the way your team works. Set-up for this is controlled in your submission settings within Brainbase (see the steps below on how to access your Submission Settings). 


Different products can have a combination of default and custom fields that the licensees need to fulfill at different stages of the product development funnel. Submissions can be routed to certain selected users in the company via routing settings. Priority levels (i.e. high, medium, low) can be set for each incoming submission to give internal users on your team insight into what should be reviewed, and in what order.


These submission settings include the following: Stages, Statuses, Fields, Priorities, and Routings. Put them together to create a Submission Workflow Template



How to Access Submission Settings in Brainbase:

Click your user icon image in the bottom-left corner. The sidebar menu will turn into the Settings Menu. Under Company Settings, click 'Submissions' to view each section. 


Submission Stages

  • Stages allow you to create custom steps for each submission type that the licensee will need to follow. You can define the Stages for each submission type using Workflows.

  • Users should be able to create different stages for submissions so they can use them to create workflows.

  • There can be different stages for different types of products (i.e. Physical Products vs. Digital Products).

How to Add a Submission Stage: 

  1. Click the 'Add Stage' button in the top right corner.

  2. Add the stage name and description.

  3. Click ‘Add Stage’ to confirm your work.

Submission Statuses

  • Each submission will have a corresponding status based on its current stage.

  • The licensor uses these statuses to either progress or adjust the approval process.

  • A 'View-Only' page for reference. Custom statuses cannot be created.

Submission Fields

  • Fields are used to create submission data points for different stages and types of submissions.

  • There are pre-defined fields in our submission field library, but a licensor can create as many fields as they'd like. 

How to Add a New Custom Field:

  • Click the 'Add Field' button in the top right corner.

  • Add the custom field name, type, and description. 

  • Click ‘Add Field’ to confirm your work.


Submission Priorities

  • Users can internally prioritize submission reviews and approvals in their queue. Note that the priority colors and definitions aren't editable. 

  • A 'View-Only' page for reference. Custom submission priorities cannot be created. 

Priority Levels: 

  • High: Requires immediate attention.

  • Medium: Important, but not urgent.

  • Low: Not urgent.


Submission Routings

  • Route incoming submissions to specific team members. 

  • Add filters based on which the submissions will be routed to the selected users.

  • Example: Route only the Concept Stage to a certain user(s), as seen below.

How to Add a New Routing: 

  • Click the 'Add Routing' button in the top-right corner. 

  • Add the routing name, description, and select users to get started.

  • Add each filter (Stages, Properties, Contracts, Territories, and Types) you want for this specific routing. 

  • Click ‘Add Routing’ to confirm your work.


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