Updates to Submission Module Permissions

Created by Victoria Crosby, Modified on Fri, 28 Apr, 2023 at 2:24 PM by Victoria Crosby

Submissions are one of the most complex modules in Brainbase, and as such, needed a more granular approach when it came to its user permissions. We've added a few more in-depth options so that you can be as specific as you want when it comes to who can make any changes to your submissions:

  • Separate permission for changing submission stages. Previously, this was tied in with another permission, just like the other new additions. Now, an admin user can set this permission separately. For example, an admin may want some users to be able to edit the submission data (like name, description, color, material, etc), but not want to allow them to skip stages.

  • Separate permissions for editing, commenting, and changing the priority of a submission. Originally, several permissions were tied into the overarching 'Edit' permission. Now, an admin can set the comment and change priority permissions separately from the 'Edit' permission. Note that the 'Edit' permission itself no longer grants the ability to comment or change the priority.

  • Separate permission for closing/re-opening a submission. We've delivered a long-requested feature that allows a licensor user with this permission to both close and reopen a closed submission. 

For more on assigning roles and permissions to your colleagues, please click here


What happens to the preexisting roles? 

Part of this upgrade includes migrating existing roles into the new framework. We've made sure that our migration will not affect the access or permissions of any existing users.


For example, if you previously had a role called 'General Admin' with 'Can manage users and permissions' enabled, we'll automatically enable the permissions for 'Manage users,' 'Manage groups,' and 'Manage roles & permissions' for that specific role. In effect, users with that role will not experience any difference.

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