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Brainbase helps teams and partners collaborate with ease and transparency. One of those ways is through commenting on a submission. You can add a comment to the entire submission and/or to a specific image. This article will discuss how to add a comment to a specific image but click HERE to learn how to add a comment to the entire submission.

Start by clicking on the submission you want to comment on from the 'Submissions' tab. For this example, we chose the 'White Starship Hoodie' submission as highlighted below. Pinpoint comments can be left on any supported image file type, including PDF and JPEG. 


Click on the image from the 'Submission Details' page.


Once the image is clicked, you will be taken to a larger view of that image. From there, click on the 'Comment View' icon at the top of the page. 


The 'Comment View' allows you to comment anywhere on the image. In the example below, we create a comment. At the bottom of the text box is a list of who will be able to view this comment, which can easily be changed by clicking on the 'Change?' button. You can add as many comments as you want and edit the visibility for each comment. 


Here is what the comment will look like once it's complete. Anyone who has comment visibility can reply.


You can edit or delete your comment by hovering over the comment box.


Our comment visibility feature is another great collaboration tool powering your team to communicate more effectively. 


Collaboration tools like comment visibility give you the ability to collaborate across teams more efficiently, increase team productivity, and speed up the overall product development time.



Comment Visibility Options 

You can set comment visibility to any of the following users/groups by typing '#' in the comment box followed by the name of the user, company, or group. See the visibility options below:

  • Everyone

  • Your Company

  • External Companies

  • Internal Teams, Groups, or Users

  • External Teams, Groups, or Users

  • Submission Approvers 

  • Submission Reviewers

  • Team member or any specific user 

  • Yourself

See an example of how this looks using the '#internal' comment visibility tag:

As you change these visibility settings you will see the number of people and companies at the bottom update as well. 


Depending on the visibility settings you choose, you can see an exact list of the people and companies that will see this comment based on the visibility you set.

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