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Product development users who lean toward a more visuals-based workflow are in luck! Brainbase has developed a new look for the Submissions list that offers enhanced preview images and fewer clicks when navigating to the information most important to your role - all without needing to enter the 'Submission Details' page.


 To make the switch, click the 'Grid View' icon near the top-right corner:


Once it's been clicked, you'll see the same list but in the new 'Grid View,' which displays the following (uneditable) data points:

  • Submission name

  • Submission ID

  • Stage

  • Status

  • Comments

    • Clicking the button in the bottom-right corner of the tile will take you to the submission's 'Comments' tab on the 'Submission Details' page. 

  • Days left

  • Submitter/Reviewer

    • We show the name of the opposing party, depending on who the user is on the submission. For example, if I'm the submitter (the licensee), then it'll show the name and logo of the reviewer (licensor).

  • Last update

  • Submitted date

Note that while only the above data is displayed in the 'Grid View,' the filters and saved views are still usable for other data points, too, since they're captured by the submission itself. 


The same bulk actions can also be performed on the 'Grid View' as the standard list view, as well. 


Image Navigation

The 'Grid View' really shines when it comes to the submission images themselves. If you hover your mouse over a grid tile with an image, you'll see the following options that can be used without needing to enter the 'Submission Details' page:

  • View Image will take you directly to 'View Mode' for the shown asset. If there are pinpoint comments that have been left on that image, you'll be routed to those.

  • Image Picker will allow you to scroll between images uploaded to this submission.

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