Reupload Sales Reports When Editing Contract Terms

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Updating or editing contract terms can now automatically re-upload the associated sales reports rather than wiping them from the system. There are a number of reasons why the terms would need to be adjusted from the time the contract was originally entered - for example:

  • A licensee reports $10,000 gross sales and Brainbase calculates 10% of royalties in the amount of $1000.

  • The licensor notices that the contract has been entered into Brainbase incorrectly and that the royalty rate should have been 12%.

  • The licensor fixes the contract.

    • The problems that this presents:

      • The sales should be re-uploaded in order to fix the royalty calculations (including recoupment balances).

      • In the cases of old sales reports where money has already been transferred, it may be preferable to keep the original (incorrect) numbers.

Now, rather than having to manually reupload each previous report upon changing the terms, Brainbase will give you the option to do so automatically in the Edit-Contract flow when attempting to save any changes that would affect the royalty calculations. 


Just check off the reports that need to be reuploaded from the modal below and click 'Re-upload.'


There's also the option to skip the re-upload process altogether by deselecting the 'Re-upload sales reports' toggle near the top of the modal:


How does it work? 

The automatic reupload works the same way as it would when re-uploaded manually. Brainbase will determine which contract versions to attach the sales reports to in order to handle any added, changed, or deleted amendments.


For every given sales reporting period, the sales report will be attached to the latest contract version in effect during this period.


Brainbase will change the status of all selected reports to Unprocessed and start re-uploading them in chronological order. The report that is currently being reuploaded has the status Processing.


The column matching tool looks the same as when it was used during the initial manual upload of the given sales report.


In cases where manual fixes were made during the initial manual upload, the report will retain the 'Failed' status. The user needs to then needs to open the sales report and resolve any errors.


Note that the re-uploaded sales reports will wind up with a Pending status, as the licensor will need to review the updated totals and resolve any raised Red Flags.

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