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Protecting our customers is one of Brainbase's top priorities. The 'Red Flags' feature is your defense mechanism against your partners selling outside of your contract terms. It gives you a few options to handle the non-compliant sales if this event occurs.


Note: This feature and article are only available to licensor or agency users with the applicable permissions.


Find the report you would like to review in the 'Sales Report' tab:


Once you're viewing the details of the sales report, you will see a number in RED, representing the number of red flags found in the most recent royalty report uploaded for this contract.


By clicking the 'Red Flags' button, it will show you the errors found and give you the ability to take action on each error.


You have three options to resolve this red flag:

  1. Apply a royalty rate

  2. Request a fixed fee

  3. Ignore the red flag


We'll start with the 'Apply Royalty Rate,' which will give you two royalty rate options and the option to make the payment recoupable or not.  Make your selections and click 'Apply.'  If you are done, skip to the bottom of the page to see the summary page.


You also have the ability to set a custom royalty rate by selecting the second option - this will open the following screen for you to specify. Click 'Apply' to proceed. 


The 'Request Fixed Fee' option works similarly - just click that option after clicking 'Choose action' to open the field below. Enter the fee you're requesting and toggle the 'Recoupable' button on or off as needed. 


If you're not interested in pursuing either of the above options, you can also simply ignore the red flag altogether by clicking 'Ignore' from the dropdown menu. 


Any red flags that you've reviewed will be visible under the 'Red Flags' tab afterward, where you'll have the opportunity to undo those decisions. See the screenshot below for an example of how reviewed red flags are displayed. 


Once all of the red flags have been resolved, the licensor can approve the sales report. 


As a note, the licensee can only see the detailed 'Sales Report Overview' after approval.

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