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So you just received an invite to join Brainbase from one of your licensing partners, you might be asking yourself, "What do I do now?" or "What features should I really care about?". 


We want to emphasize that Brainbase is a global platform where you can collaborate with multiple licensors and licensees from one company login. Our goal is to make the licensing industry more collaborative and transparent. 


This article will help you get started using Brainbase! We will cover the following topics:

  1. Utilizing Brainbase with your internal team

  2. How to get help from Brainbase Customer Support

  3. Navigating the Properties tab

  4. Navigating the Companies tab

  5. How to view and add new contracts

  6. How to view and upload sales reports

  7. How to add and collaborate on a product submission 

  8. How to view your digital assets 

1. If you were the first person from your company to be invited to Brainbase, you will have admin access. While you can invite other internal teammates, keep in mind that any users who need access to a licensors' data (contracts, submissions, etc.) need to be added as external collaborators by the licensor


Here are some helpful articles to set up your team for success:

2. If you get stuck or have any questions, we have a dedicated Customer Support Team to help! Please utilize them for any of the following reasons:

  • You need to report an issue with the software

  • You need help with a task (Example: How to upload a sales report)

  • You have a feature request 

  • Anything else!

Learn how to get help here

3. The Properties tab represents the properties that you work with. Your licensor has added you to licensing contracts with these properties. If you added a new contract with a new property, they will show up here as well. Here are some helpful articles regarding the Properties tab:

4. The Companies tab is a directory list of the licensors and/or licensees that you work with inside of Brainbase. Here is a helpful article regarding the Companies tab:

5. The Contracts tab is where all of your contacts are stored. All contracts that your licensor has added you to will be here. If you add any new contracts, they will show up here as well. You can click on any contract to see the full contact details. Here are some helpful articles regarding the Contracts tab:

6. The Sales Reports tab is where all of your sales reports are stored. You can easily sort and filter sales reports from this tab. Here are some helpful articles regarding sales reports:


Key Highlight #1: Once you upload a sales report, it will automatically show a 'Pending' status. It's now in the hands of the licensor to review and approve.


Key Highlight #2: All sales report data regarding properties, categories, distribution channels, and territories must match EXACTLY what is shown in the contract within Brainbase. This allows all parties to analyze sales data over time and see important trends.

7. The Submissions tab is where all of your product submissions are stored. You can easily sort and filter product submissions from this tab. Agents have the ability to submit (act as the licensee) or approve (act as the licensor) submissions so check with your licensor on how you will work within Brainbase. Here are some helpful articles regarding product submissions:

Key Highlight: Once you submit a product submission, it is in the hands of the licensor to review and approve, but you can always collaborate via the comments feature throughout the process. 

8. Your licensor has the ability to share digital assets with your company and they will show up in your Digital Assets Tab. If you don't see anything here, nothing has been shared with you yet. Here are some helpful articles regarding the Digital Assets Tab:

9.  Your licensor can create Tasks for you to clarify what they expect from you as a licensee. Tasks are simple 'To-Do' lists that outline a set of actions to be carried out at a certain moment. Tasks are helpful to create automation and guide you in your work by simplifying key processes.

You can find out more about how tasks work:

10. Similarly, your licensor can set Milestones. Milestones are a simple and helpful way to keep track of key events and dates in your projects. Here is a useful article to get you started with Milestones:

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