Two-Factor Authentication

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Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection to the login process by requiring the user to install an authentication app on their mobile device (preferably Google Authenticator) in order to generate a one-time authentication code that they can then enter in-app to securely access their Brainbase account. 


Two-factor authentication can be set as a company requirement by an Admin user in the Company Settings section. If it's not required by your company but you'd like to add it, anyway, you can do so under your Personal Settings. 


Please note that this process needs to be completed on your own mobile device or one that you'll be able to access on a regular basis. 


While Google Authenticator is the recommended choice and will be the focus of this guide, the below are some popular alternatives, as well:

Please check with your Brainbase admin to see if there's a specific authenticator they'll require you to use. 


Setting Up Two-Factor Authentication

When two-factor authentication is required, new users signing up through their emailed invitation link will immediately be prompted to set up Google Authenticator once they've clicked 'Accept Invite,' proceeded to fill out their profile information, and attempted to log in, as seen below. 


Once you've installed Google Authenticator on your mobile device, simply open it to view the list of stored logins, and then tap the plus icon in the bottom-right corner to add a new login. This option may also be towards the top depending on your mobile device.


Tapping the plus icon on your mobile device will allow you to choose between scanning a QR code or entering a setup key - you'll want to choose the QR code option, which will open the scanner. Use it to scan the QR code provided by Brainbase - this will add it to your login list in Google Authenticator. 


From there, add the 6-digit temporary authentication code provided by Google Authenticator (it'll say brainbase-production above it) into the field that says 'Enter Your Passcode' in Brainbase. This code resets every 30 seconds, so make sure to enter it before it times out. 


You'll then be given a recovery code to use in case you're locked out of your account without your mobile device, so please make sure to store it in a secure place.  


Using Two-Factor Authentication

The next time you return to the app, you'll be prompted to enter your temporary code from Google Authenticator into Brainbase after entering your login credentials, where you can then proceed to your account. 


Note that you'll only need to scan the QR code once - during the initial setup process. After that, you can just go straight to the authenticator to retrieve your temporary passcode from the list. 


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