There's no better way to begin October than by highlighting two of our talented Brainbase employees: Valdar Kallasmaa, Product Designer, and Matthew Hardesty, Lead Product Manager! Find out how they measure success in and out of the office and read about their top team interactions!

Give a brief history of your previous experience and what made you decide to be a part of Brainbase.

Valdar: Coming from a digital agency, doing mostly web design and working with different clients daily, I've always wanted to focus on a single, bigger product. Brainbase offered me exactly that.

Matthew: Prior to joining Brainbase, I led teams to deliver products in fintech, supply chain, warehouse management, healthcare, entertainment, private equity, and ecommerce spaces. I’ve also led initiatives around data & knowledge management.

Brainbase demonstrated behaviors consistent with growth-oriented, successful startups; unmistakable culture, a strong appetite for innovating in their space, ability to execute on their vision, and skilled individuals at the helm. That’s a perfect storm, in my book.

Any upcoming projects you’re excited about?

Valdar: I’m excited about our new products and bringing Assist to the next level.

Matthew: We’re working on some pretty incredible stuff that we haven’t unveiled yet.

What I can say is that we’re looking at ways to help customers identify revenue opportunities, increase information transparency, forge new partnerships, and move their business forward.

How do you think Brainbase is changing the licensing industry?

Valdar: We’re changing the way things have been done before - automating a lot of processes and making our customers' lives a lot easier.

Matthew: In short, we take a fresh approach at tackling problems. That, in combination with the suite of tools & capabilities we offer, has a multiplier effect.

What motivates you?

Valdar: Starting with a sketch and seeing it grow to a product with global customers motivates me the most. Additionally, I want to continue to grow as a designer and want to improve my craft every day.

Matthew: Working with great people to learn new things and solve challenging problems is what gets me up in the morning.

How do you measure success (with Brainbase or yourself)?

Valdar: Having an impact in the industry. If your clients are excited about your products as much as you are, then you must be on the right path.

Matthew: I’m a big believer in technology’s potential to improve lives and make the world a better place to work. So, at a high level, that’s the metric I use to measure my success.

Where do you want the company to be at in 3 years?

Valdar: I want Brainbase to be a market leader in the licensing/IP technology space.

Matthew: A lot can happen in 3 years. Brainbase is already on track to be the dominant player in the space. Beyond that, we’ll continue to solve increasingly bigger industry challenges.

What makes you passionate about Brainbase?

Valdar: Having a lot of different specialists and skill sets in the company to achieve something together.

Matthew: Working with great people to solve tough problems is what gets me up in the morning. Plus, I like the pace of work — we’re showing no signs of slowing down.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

Valdar: Coffee --> UX --> Pixels --> Repeat.

Matthew: A typical workday involves some strategic planning, goal setting, writing product requirements, and meeting/socializing with team members across the globe. Very cool!

Favorite go-to restaurant in LA (or anywhere you’re from 😀)?

Valdar: A place here in Tallinn, Estonia called Texas. I love spicy food.

Matthew: There’s so much good food everywhere. For the moment, I’m particularly fond of Cornish Pasty Co. I found them shortly after they opened. Since then, they’ve spread out to multiple locations and I think that’s a testament to how fantastic they are. Few foods can match the hearty, comforting lunch of a traditional cornish pasty.

Do you have any after-work hobbies/activities?

Valdar: If I'm not fiddling with pixels or jamming on my guitar, I’m usually just hanging out with friends. I’d also consider myself a gamer! :)

Matthew: Since early childhood, I’ve always loved making music. It’s a great way to decompress and have lots of creative fun. I’ve also DJed and hosted many social dance events.

Recently, I started remodeling an old cabin. It’s exhausting (and fulfilling) work.

Any favorite office/work-interaction memories?

Valdar: Team events we set up here in Tallinn are always memorable and fun.

Matthew: My favorite moments so far have been talking strategy and vision with the cofounders of Brainbase assist. We have different backgrounds and experiences, so our discussions are rich with information. There's a lot of value there.

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