Managing licensing agreements is complicated. Teams small and large are continually asking questions like:

  • "When does this licensing contract expire? Should I renew it?"

  • "When and where do I send my sales report? Have all of the royalties been paid?"

  • "Is this product approved? Do you have any feedback? Where is it being sold?"

  • "How is my business performing at a macro level?"

  • "How do I give access to my team or agency? But wait, I don’t want them to see everything. This is a mess."

Today, most companies – be it licensors, licensees or agencies – are “solving” these questions with clunky systems that look like they were built during the dot-com bust, or are reverting to spreadsheets because the current solutions are so cumbersome.

Most licensing teams are using modern, intuitive technology products in their personal lives and expect their workflow tools to reciprocate. But the reality is that most enterprise software experiences haven’t kept pace – especially in licensing management.

Not only is the user experience poor, but there is no cohesion between the functions of the tool and the functions of the team – so not everyone is in sync.

You get the point: There is a lot to be desired for companies who are looking to solve licensing management.

Great news! There’s this product called Brainbase Assist, and we’re making it really easy to switch.


Brainbase Assist is the best tool to manage and collaborate on your licensing business.

You can read more about Assist here, but the gist is that it’s a 10X improvement on any management tool you’ve ever seen — sleek, fast, intuitive and built with cutting edge design and technology.

Assist was designed (this millennium) to help brands, licensees and agencies all collaborate in one place, but it can also be used separately or individually – whether you’re a team of 1,000 or a team of 1.

Even if all of that is true, we know you still may have hesitations about switching.


Get started for just $59/mo – seriously.

Volume Pricing

  • Available for companies with large contract volume or unique business models.

Price Matching

  • If you're already using a system, Brainbase will even match the price you're currently paying.

  • Get a better product for the same price!

Are you under contract with another provider?

  • Under contract and don't want to wait to switch? Let’s talk about getting you started with Brainbase Assist today. 🙂

Are you a licensee?

  • Let’s talk about how you can adopt Brainbase Assist even if the brand or agency you’re working with isn’t using it.

Are you an agency?

  • Refer your clients and earn up to $5,000 when they sign up for Brainbase Assist. No limits.

  • Earn money by getting all of your clients in sync.


In summary, we’re making it easier than ever to get started with Brainbase Assist, the best tool to manage and collaborate on your licensing business.

Have more questions? Contact our team.

The Brainbase Team

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